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What is Smartface?

Smartphone is the most commonly used device all over the world

70% of the world's population use the internet on mobile

Most of the websites are not optimized for smartphones;
the content is impracticable

Smartface is a simple, responsive and interactive communication platform
developed for people, products, services and companies

The solution


Create your smartface website and a QR-code


Mark your product, your advertisement, your business card
with the smartface QR-code


The smartface QR-code catches the attention


The smartface website conforms
to all the devices and surfaces


The resulting page talks to us:
introduces itself with video, voice, picture and text


Conveys useful and easily understandable information,
seeks to transfer the essence


The customers can rate, express their views,
start a forum, play


The diverse feedbacks help the consumer
to orient in the overflow range of products

Hunting for codes

Scanning various smartface QR-codes
is rewarded with smartface-points


It is cheaper to buy products with a prepaid SmarfaceCard


Sharings are rewarded with smartface-points


The smartface-points can be redeemed
for valuable prizes and discounts


You can generate more QR-codes for a smartface site,
so you can get more accurate data about the scannings

One man show

The talking website can be created by anyone
without any special skills


Every new website is added to the smartface collector application


The app sorts by categories, searches by keywords,
looks for nearby smartface partners on the map