Scan & Win - Rules of the game

Your activities on our Smartface website are rewarded with valuable points.

You can collect the points only by our Smartface application, that's why it is worth to use the QR-reader of the Smartface application.

The Smartface application can be downloaded here:

What do we give points for?

If you scan a Smartface QR-code
- you'll get points!

If you share our site with others
- you'll get points!

If you tell your opinion in connection with a product
- you'll get points!

In order to collect the points, you have to register once, but after that the procession is automatical.
The points are added to your Smartface-account by the Smartface-system and you'll participate in the lot which are held daily, weekly, two-weekly, monthly and quarterly.

The one who gains more than 600 points gets a prize automatically, without any draws.

Terms of participating in the game: Accepting the Smartface Rules of Game, giving a valid e-mail address, and sending back the confirmation e-mail.

Collecting Smartface-points

Scanning Smartface QR-code: 2 points
Your points will only be credited if there is at least one navigation (site change).

Sharing a Smartface-site: 2 points
Your points will only be credited if the addressee has opened the shared smartface website.

Sharing a Smartface-site: 2 points
Your points will only be credited if the person who gives the points also gives a written opinion which will be published.

Smartface points

You will participate in the winning game with your points collected on your Smartface-account.

You will get into the draws according to your points.

100 Smartface-Points: quarterly draw
200 Smartface-Points: two-monthly draw
300 Smartface-Points: monthly draw
400 Smartface-Points: two-weekly draw
500 Smartface-Points: weekly draw
600 Smartface-Points: daily draw

Above 600 points you'll get a prize without any draws!
You won't loose your points until you win, so you will participate in the next draws in your category automatically.
In case of winning in a category, you continue to collect the points from zero point.
We'll contact you in e-mail message about the prizes!

Actual prizes:

- Lufthansa travelling
- Wine selection
- Tickets to the Art Gallery
- Ganoderma coffee specialities
- Historical videoseries (DVD) about the 20th century